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How can I make my school uniform look better?

If you are good-looking, have a good figure, and are of normal height, you will look good. If you do not meet the above criteria, you must pay attention to the ones I listed.
1. Don't hunchback or shake your legs, it hurts your temperament. Girls with a hunchback usually look more frustrated.
2. Maintain personal hygiene Wash your hair frequently, clean your nails, don't make yourself look shiny, change your clothes frequently, especially in summer, don't smell
3. Behave like a student. Don't dress yourself in a fashionable way, make sure that it suits you, and don't dress up maturely or swear for the sake of "society". If you want to look good, it is more useful for students to pay attention to skin care and maintenance than makeup
4. Be confident. Confident people will exude an attractive charm. You must believe in your abilities, and don't be timid.
5. Be good at getting along with people. The subjective impression of a person will greatly affect the judgment of his appearance.

6. Pick the right shoes and socks. Don't wear exaggerated shoes. They really don't match the school uniform. The shoes and socks should also be of the same color, otherwise there will be a sense of incongruity. Personal experience white socks all-match


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