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How can I make my school uniform prettier?

When choosing to match the school uniform, we can change the school uniform pants to cropped pants, write some English letters or draw some pictures on the summer school uniforms, especially the white school uniforms, and then wear a junior high school uniform jacket outside with a pair of light colors Canvas shoes will do.

You can also wear a white T-shirt in the school uniform. The zipper on the school uniform should not be pulled too high. Pulling it to the end of your flat chest can be understood as the position of your chest and abdomen. A small cool breeze blowing on your chest will feel cool and comfortable.

If you want to be innovative, you can draw some patterns or embroider some patterns on the school uniform or sew a fashionable patch on it. It can make everyone feel that you are a fashionista.

If there are students who like casual styles, they can wear a hooded sweater inside the school uniform, revealing the hat, and the school uniform outside is open, not zippered. Wear a long pendant or a colorful scarf.

If you are a person who likes individuality, you can wear a vest on the outside of the school uniform, then carry a more punk school bag, and finally match it with a pair of hiking shoes to make the school uniform look very fashionable.


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