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How do I make my school uniform look unique?

The school has started. For junior high school and high school students, it is the age of beauty. When everyone wears the same school uniform, how can they be different and how to wear school uniforms to look good? Learn these points. Your school uniform is always better than others.

Most of the school uniforms are like this

A small number of people have better school uniforms, but only in private schools

How to be different from other students after school starts

Here are a few simple and practical methods. It doesn't seem to do anything, but the effect is completely different. It just makes you look a little better than your classmates, and the teacher won't say anything after reading it.

Washing the school uniforms is the basics. Today, I mainly emphasize some details that are easy to ignore.

1. Roll up the school uniform sleeves
For some classmates who look a little fat on the face, but actually have quite thin arms, if you roll up the sleeves, will it look much slimmer, just use the visual principle.

2. Do not pull the zipper of the clothes to the top
Pull the zipper to the top, and you will generally look like a big-faced child who is reading and reading silly

Pulling the zipper down like this to form a V shape will visually extend the length of the neck, making the face and neck look much longer.

3. Open your clothes
In the spring and autumn, you can open the school uniform directly, it will make people look thinner, or it is an optical illusion. Vertical lines will make people more slender

4. Pay attention to the color matching
Many students don't wear clothes inside their school uniforms?

School uniforms usually show a little neckline, and color matching is the key. After all, when you look at you, you will see the overall color. Since many of our school uniforms are relatively saturated colors, they are already conspicuous enough. I don't know if it's ugly or not with clothes of complementary colors, but it sure hurts people's eyes.

Moreover, the probability of being named by the teacher in class, and the probability of being targeted by the teacher during inter-class exercises is also much higher.

As for shoes, no matter what color the school uniform is, white shoes are not wrong anyway.

5. Ensure that the school uniform has a light fragrance

Smell is also a type of overall temperament. Not much to say, just take it slow

How to wear your school uniform, a good way will improve your overall temperament, have you learned it?


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